Kevin Lovelady – Keyboards, Vibes, Composition

Kevin Lovelady, an IT professional and tri-linguist in English, French and Spanish, has been playing jazz on an amateur basis for over 30 years. His main instrument for much of this time has been piano but over the last few years, he has also been playing vibes.

Dave Edge Quintet 1988

Dave Edge Quintet 1988

Taking classical lessons from the age of 7 to 16, he returned to playing during his university time in Bristol and then on returning to Liverpool, he pulled together his first band and made his first public performances with the Dave Edge Quintet, taking the name from one of the members of the band, a rising tenor sax star on the Liverpool scene, Dave Edge.

Involved in jazz throughout his working assignments in France and Spain, working in Paris during 1988-1989, he had the opportunity to study with the Caribbean jazz pianist and teacher Michel Sardaby.

From 1989 to 1990 he was joint owner of the Blue Note jazz cafe-theatre in Murcia in 1989-90. After the Blue Note Cafe, Kevin moved to Toulouse where he experimented with percussionists and guitarists on the Toulouse scene. He returned to Merseyside for another IT assignment but continued his musical education with a music pedagogy course back in Murcia at the University under the tutelage of Jos Wuytack, one of the world’s foremost authorities on the Orff philosophy of music education.

He then contributed as accompanying pianist (along with saxophonist Dave Angol) to a Mike McKoy-led jazz course in 1997, again back at Murcia University under the initiation of friend Jose Antonio Clemente BUHLAL, head of the Music department.

Zingaro Bristol 1997

Zingaro Bristol 1997

He again took up studies when living back in Bristol with bassist Dave Goodier at the Bristol Jazz Workshop forming the first incarnation of Zingaro playing keys and vibes with Tim Gunnell on guitars and flute and Mick Gavaghan on sax

A 3 year stint in the South of France saw a lull in playing due to family and work committments but after returning to Merseyside in the summer of 2005, he ran the Green Dolphin Brasserie from 2008-2010 and helped set up the piano bar Méli-Mélo back in France in 2012-13.

Kevin is now looking forward to developing the second incarnation of Zingaro, studying and playing the music he loves.

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