Zingaro provides Local Radio with Unique Groovy First – May 2019

On 28 May 2019, Zingaro were delighted to be special studio guests on Live Sounds on Mighty Radio, the Community Radio for Southport. Live Sounds (every Tuesday 6pm-10pm) is hosted by Martin Hovden and Cameron Maerevoet and every song they play on the show is by a local artist. They also address topics especially relevant to young people such as mindfulness and mental health.

The live session is between 8-10pm and besides playing some of Zingaro’s pre-recorded songs, Martin Hovden invited us to put together some unplugged acoustic versions from our repertoire. We went with Children of the Ghetto, Dancing on the Wall and Morning, with Kev debuting the unusual sounds of the melodica, Brian & Chris on acoustic guitar & bass and Naomi on vocals (Paul unfortunately unable to make it)

Martin & Cameron were very much on our side and made us ease into enjoying the experience – it was amazing how quickly the time went when live on air. The 8pm-10pm slot in the show belongs to the guests – they were here to help us get our music across to a local radio audience and – via questions – for the audience to get to know the band. Martin said: “Live Sounds has been a regular feature on local radio for 10 years and this is the first time we have given a platform for such a unique, mellow, sound – courtesy of the excellent Zingaro.

Martin also asked us to give a shout-out to family, friends etc, so if there’s anyone we missed, apologies!

Besides being featured on the Mighty Radio Facebook page, Southport’s local news website OnTheSpot also ran an article “Groovy ‘first’ for Live Sounds

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Join Martin and Cameron every Tuesday from 6pm-10pm for Live Sounds on Mighty Radio 107.9FM (or via www.mightyradio.co.uk).

And if you want Mighty Radio to play your music and/or want to appear on the show, contact Martin Hovden the Mighty Radio Facebook page