Testimonial from Jordan V (Matt & Phreds)

Having welcomed Zingaro to the club back in 2019, Matt and Phred’s now do not hesitate to consider them a must-see within the programme. Our nightly live music consists of a lot of playing time, and it is always a delight to witness a band totally “go for it” from the first song all the way through until the last. Zingaro offers an experience which both delves into the history of fusion jazz alongside tasteful current influences both in terms of the set list and instruments used. All in all, the band is what the bar team ever-so-professionally call “tight”, and they have clearly put many hours into providing a musical experience which is to engross any audience. Singer Naomi brings a refreshing new level to the already stellar musicianship; making the music danceable and yet remaining true to the genre. The Matt and Phred’s doors will always be open for this wonderful band, and we are delighted to offer the space for them to showcase their unmistakable and unique talent.

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